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Veg Upma: Make Veg Upma with These Perfect Breakfast Tips

The first thought that comes to our mind as soon as the idea of ​​a breakfast that is prepared in minutes and minutes comes. South Indian cuisine tops our list of comfort foods. On the other hand, we like to eat upma as breakfast the most. It is easy to make and also very light on the stomach, which also helps in easy digestion. The classic upma recipe is made with semolina and some mild spices.

But, due to its popularity, you now get to see many versions of it, which include variations like bread upma, curd upma, idli upma and soya upma. In this list, we are going to add a wonderful recipe of Veg Upma. Which is made with a combination of vegetables, it is tasty and healthy as well.

In this upma recipe, we will be using semolina also known as rava to make upma. Which vegetable you want to add to the upma, it completely depends on your desire. Before making upma, we want to share some tips, which can help you in making a perfect upma recipe. Just follow those tips correctly, and enjoy delicious upma in your breakfast.

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Here are five tips to make upma in the perfect way:-

1. Always use thick semolina of good quality for making upma. This will make the upma edible.

2. Always roast semolina on low flame before making upma. Keep in mind that it should not be too brown, this will affect the taste of the upma.

3. It is important to have the correct measurement of all things. Just as you have taken a bowl of semolina, measure three bowls of water from the same bowl and pour it into the upma.

4. Add semolina to the upma, not all at once but gradually. With this, there will be no knots in the upma.

5. For serving: You can serve the upma hot or cold. Sprinkle a little lemon juice on it. If you like to eat hot food, then serve it by adding desi ghee. How to make Veg Upma. Veg Upma Recipe To make Upma, first roast the semolina and keep it aside. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, onion and asafoetida and fry it. Now add curry leaves, tomato and vegetable chopped vegetables, spices and salt, fry for two minutes. Add water, cover and let it cook for some time.

Next time you feel like eating something light for breakfast and try this recipe and tell us in the comment section below how did you like this recipe!

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