3 Things To Add In Diet for Vitamin K; Healthy Diet

To stay healthy in modern times, take a balanced diet and exercise daily. All essential nutrients are found in a balanced diet. Deficiency of any one of these nutrients has a bad effect on the body. In particular, vitamin K deficiency causes many health problems. For this, include things containing vitamins in the diet. Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting in the blood.

This reduces the risk of excessive bleeding from the injury. Along with this, it also helps in the formation of bones. For this, definitely include these things containing Vitamin-K in the diet. Let’s know-

Eat Spinach and Cheese

Spinach is rich in lutein, vitamin K, potassium, fiber, folate and vitamin E. Vitamin K deficiency is overcome by its consumption. Also 90 percent water is found in it. This removes the lack of water in the body. For this, definitely include spinach in the diet. At the same time, vitamin K is also found in abundance in cheese. For this, definitely eat palak paneer vegetable.

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Eat Eggs

Eggs are considered the main source of protein. It is rich in protein, vitamin-D and vitamin-K. Vitamin K is found in the yolk of the egg. According to the diet chart, 67 to 192 micrograms of vitamin K is found in one egg. For this, definitely include eggs in the diet. If you like non-veg, then definitely eat eggs daily.

Eat Beans

Vitamin A, C, K, B6, fiber calcium, iron, protein, potassium are found in it. Beans must be included in the diet to overcome the deficiency of vitamin K. For this, beans can be consumed as a vegetable. If you want, you can also include beans in the salad.

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