2 POSTS IN 1 DAY?! Who am I?! I’m in need of a big food shop but I managed to th…

2 POSTS IN 1 DAY?! Who am I?!🎉 I’m in need of a big food shop but I managed to throw this together for dinner tonight and it didn’t disappoint. I call it ✨Creamy Peanut Noodles with Chilli and Lime✨ Believe it or not this was only 1 packet of ramen noodles but they soaked up all of the creamy peanut sauce so nicely 😍

• 1 pack instant ramen (I used Koka Curry Flavour)
• A handful of chopped spring onion
• A thumb of ginger, finely sliced
• 1tsp chopped garlic
• 4/5 chestnut mushrooms, chopped
• A handful of green beans, chopped into approx 3cm pieces
• 1/2 lime
• 1tsp coconut oil
• 1tbsp soy sauce
• 1tsp toasted sesame oil
• 1tsp Korean chilli oil
• 2tsp creamy peanut butter

1. Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan and add the spring onions, ginger and garlic. Fry until softened.
2. Add the mushrooms and beans, stir through and fry off for a few more minutes.
3. Add the soy sauce and chilli oil, stir through.
4. In a saucepan cook the noodles (use just enough water to cover the noodles) but don’t add the curry seasoning.
5. Add the peanut butter, lime juice and curry seasoning to the frying pan with the veggies. Stir through thoroughly, adding a splash of noodle water if the sauce needs to be thinned out a little. Simmer the sauce until the noodles are cooked and ready to be added.
6. Add the noodles (including the noodle water) and sesame oil. Stir until combined and cook for a couple more minutes, until the sauce is your desired consistency.
7. Pour into your favourite noodle bowl and top with freshly chopped spring onions and a lime wedge. Enjoy! This would be even nicer topped with fresh coriander and crushed peanuts too 🔥

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